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This is a must for all budding leaders. Learn what makes a good leader. Build on your current skills, learn new ones and get valuable feedback to improve your leadership style.


If you aspire to becoming a great leader you are never too young to learn the skills you will need!
During your sessions you will learn about leadership styles, leadership skills and leadership theories.
You will have the opportunity to learn how to present yourself and communicate your message to your fellow students and to a larger and unknown audience, positively and with conviction. You will understand how to differentiate communication style preferences in order to better understand, influence and connect with others
You will learn how to motivate and inspire your team to achieve excellent results, how to set goals, build morale and develop a culture of teamwork. You will learn about your personal style and how to negotiate with and influence others.

Learning about the qualities of good leaders you will have the opportunity for self-reflection and to see yourself as others see you.  Identifying your positive leadership and communication skills and working on others you will emerge as a budding leader for your generation.

Learning Objectives

  • Techniques for responding to questions, challenges and differing points of view
  • Develop skills to face an audience or camera with confidence and control
  • Learn techniques to build on your unique personal strengths and transform your presentation into credible, compelling communication
  • Analyse and overcome barriers in non-verbal communication
  • Develop an understanding of cultural differences in conversation
  • Present your arguments coherently and effectively.
  • Learn how to apply influencing techniques and to develop trust and rapport in relationships
  • Develop skills in handling different individuals and to build a team.
  • Techniques for goal setting and monitoring for yourself and your team.
  • Managing your time

Course Benefits

  • Discover ways to maximize your impact on any audience
  • Develop your voice as a powerful and persuasive tool
  • Hone the skills to shape and organise effective and memorable speeches and presentations
  • Improve relationships with key individuals
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop the confidence to tackle difficult conversations and build morale
  • Understand how cultures differ in their approaches

Course Features

  • Simulation activities to help practice new skills
  • Group and individual work – practice being a leader
  • Opportunities to present your ideas
  • Give and take feedback with colleagues and your tutor
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning
  • Transferrable skills applicable to many situations

Course Fee Includes:

  • A Prestigious Award Ceremony: At the end of each course we hold our prestigious ‘Awards Ceremony’ at which students are presented with their certificates, accredited by Berkshire Corporate Training Services.
  • Accommodation:  Full board residential accommodation.
  • Certificates and Prizes: Students who have been exceptional in all aspects of the course get prizes and awards such as Star Award, Student of the Course Award etc. 
  • Lessons and Workshops:   Study files, materials, lessons and social/cultural skills workshops from our qualified and imaginative teachers and trainers.
  • Recreation Activities and Day Trips: Weekday sports, activities and visits to the main tourist sites minimum two days each week.
  • Chauffeur Service: (Airport Transfers) Pick-up/drop to local airport.
  • Travel Insurance:  Student Travel Insurance through Gibbs Denley
  • Mobile phone SIM card:  Mobile phone SIM card



Start Date End Date Duration Fee Availability
10th June 16th June 7 days £1750 Limited Spaces Available
10th June 19th June 10 days £2450 Fully Booked
7th July 13th July 7 days £1750 Limited Spaces Available
7th July 16th July 10 days £2450 Limited Spaces Available
1st August 7th August 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
1st August 10th August 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
20th December 26th December 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
20th December 29th December 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
28th December 3rd January 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
28th December 6th January 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
12th April 18th April 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
12th April 21th April 10 days £2450 Spaces Available


Entry Requirements:

  • There are no formal qualifications required for these courses. They are designed for aspiring young students. If you are ready to apply now, the quickest and easiest way to reserve your place is online. 





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