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Improve your confidence and ability to understand, speak and write good English. Practice in a safe environment and get constructive feedback.
Course Overview:
English is the international language for business and is the official language in more than 56 countries worldwide.  Open your employment possibilities world-wide by learning to speak and write English fluently. Focus on the Core English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, incorporating vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding of grammar.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop skills of oral communication and listening comprehension.
  • Broaden your range of vocabularies and increase your reading abilities in different settings;
    • Socially
    • For work
    • On the telephone
    • In formal settings
  • Improve pronunciation, listening skills, and self-confidence.
  • Learn the skills of inventing, drafting, and revising.
  • Use reading material from daily experience.

Course Benefits

  • Increased self-confidence using English in a range of settings
  • Ability to use the correct vocabulary for different environments
  • Improved listening skills and understanding
  • A safe and friendly environment to learn in with constructive feedback from tutors and peers

Course Features
Use of English in different settings such as work, social activities, on the telephone and formal English for business are a feature of the programme. Through a variety of tasks, students will gain increasing competence and confidence in expressing themselves in appropriate written and spoken English in everyday as well as educational settings. Students will have opportunities to develop transferrable speaking and writing skills through a process that integrates reading, writing, and grammar practice.
Sessions include the following activities:

  • Listening tasks
  • Reading and researching new vocabulary
  • Writing assignments
  • Speaking assignments
  • Opportunities to present ideas
  • Give and receive feedback from tutors and colleagues

Materials will be based on real world English rather than text book activities.

Course Fee Includes:


  • A Prestigious Award Ceremony: At the end of each course we hold our prestigious ‘Awards Ceremony’ at which students are presented with their certificates, accredited by Berkshire Corporate Training Services.
  • Accommodation:  Full board residential accommodation.
  • Certificates and Prizes: Students who have been exceptional in all aspects of the course get prizes and awards such as Star Award, Student of the Course Award etc. 
  • Lessons and Workshops:   Study files, materials, lessons and social/cultural skills workshops from our qualified and imaginative teachers and trainers.
  • Recreation Activities and Day Trips: Weekday sports, activities and visits to the main tourist sites minimum two days each week.
  • Chauffeur Service: (Airport Transfers) Pick-up/drop off to local airport
  • Travel Insurance:  Student Travel Insurance.
  • Mobile phone SIM card:  UK mobile phone SIM card.


Start Date End Date Duration Fee Availability
10th June 16th June 7 days £1750 Limited Spaces Available
10th June 19th June 10 days £2450 Fully Booked
7th July 13th July 7 days £1750 Limited Spaces Available
7th July 16th July 10 days £2450 Limited Spaces Available
1st August 7th August 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
1st August 10th August 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
20th December 26th December 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
20th December 29th December 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
28th December 3rd January 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
28th December 6th January 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
12th April 18th April 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
12th April 21th April 10 days £2450 Spaces Available


Entry Requirements:

  • There are no formal qualifications required for these courses. They are designed for aspiring young students. If you are ready to apply now, the quickest and easiest way to reserve your place is online. 





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