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Quality & Delivery


  • • We aim to be the world leader in short training courses across a broad range of subjects, providing the best training courses at reasonable cost.
  • • We always put our students first. We develop our training programmes to meet their needs and to foster their growth regardless of what level they are in the beginning.
  • • We provide knowledgeable and proficient teachers who use a comprehensive range of delivery methods to ensure all students are able to engage with the content.



  • • Be open and transparent in making decisions and undertaking activities.
  • • Reach conclusions based on best academic and professional practices, having considered all views.
  • • Work to the standards and expectations of global legislations and operate according to local laws as required.
  • • Recognise appropriately the intellectual, academic support and operational contributions of all others involved.
  • • Establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in business practices.


  • • We work to develop the latest teaching methods that proactively engage traditional approaches with cutting-edge high performance delivery strategies to produce significant, competitive advantages for our students.
  • • Through continuous research and the development of reliable solutions, Berkshire Global Education(BGE) always seeks ways to integrate new teaching methods at all time.


  • • Our subject matter experts design and develop all of our training material. We have a well-designed training manual that is kept up to date at all times.
  • • Our classroom workshops are directed using advanced learning techniques that encourage understanding, promote communication and stress the practical application of skills.
  • • Interactive hands-on training is a key component of our training programmes allowing students to obtain practical knowledge and enhance their experience.
  • • Success at BGE is always measured by participant’s satisfaction, verification and practical implementation of acquired skills and the achievement of our stated objectives.


  • • We are confident that our quality provision will enable BGE students to return to their own schools, colleges and universities; ready to use their new skills and understandings acquired throughout their stay at BGE.
  • • Our students return home energised and refreshed, with the firm knowledge that they can make a difference in their further education as well as in their practical lives.


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