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To succeed in business you need to acquire and practise new skills. Build your confidence and develop business English skills in a safe environment

Course Overview:

When English is your second language, simply learning how to write business documents is not enough. Learning how to express ideas directly and clearly is the focus of this course. Your confidence will grow as you build the skills to have any business conversation. Develop the business language skills you need to improve your confidence and aid your future business career.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of cultural differences in conversation
  • Express yourself using correct business language
  • Create realistic conversational goals
  • Evaluate and master problems in listening to and understanding others
  • Recognize different styles and guidelines in business conversations

Course Benefits

  • Increased clarity and self-confidence when interacting with management and colleagues on a daily basis
  • Become professionally assertive and able to focus on the issues being addressed
  • Understand the nuances of verbal and non-verbal aspects of business conversation
  • Peer review and feedback

Course Features

  • Structured case studies to apply learning in groups
  • Simulation activities to help transfer learned skills and behaviour to the working world
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning

Course Fee Includes:

  • A Prestigious Awards Ceremony: At the end of each course we hold our prestigious ‘Awards Ceremony’ at which students are presented with their certificates, accredited by Berkshire Corporate Training Services.
  • Accommodation:  Full board residential accommodation
  • Certificates and Prizes: Students who have been exceptional in all aspects of the course get prizes and awards such as Star Award, Student of the Course Award etc. 
  • Lessons and Workshops:   Study files, materials, lessons and social/cultural skills workshops from our qualified and imaginative teachers and trainers.
  • Recreation Activities and Day Trips: Weekday sports, activities and visits to the main tourist sites minimum two days each week.
  • Chauffeur Service: (Airport Transfers) Pick-up/drop to local airport.
  • Travel Insurance:  Student Travel Insurance through Gibbs Denley
  • Mobile phone SIM card:  Mobile phone SIM card



Start Date End Date Duration Fee Availability
10th June 16th June 7 days £1750 Limited Spaces Available
10th June 19th June 10 days £2450 Fully Booked
7th July 13th July 7 days £1750 Limited Spaces Available
7th July 16th July 10 days £2450 Limited Spaces Available
1st August 7th August 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
1st August 10th August 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
20th December 26th December 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
20th December 29th December 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
28th December 3rd January 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
28th December 6th January 10 days £2450 Spaces Available
12th April 18th April 7 days £1750 Spaces Available
12th April 21th April 10 days £2450 Spaces Available


Entry Requirements:

  • There are no formal qualifications required for these courses. They are designed for aspiring young students. If you are ready to apply now, the quickest and easiest way to reserve your place is online. 





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