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Social Activities

ACTIVITIES – have fun and learn at the same time!!!

Social Activities:

Each of our Global venues has many possibilities for recreational and social activities.  This may be walking in the wonderful grounds, playing team games inside or outside depending on the weather, or just relaxing in the comfortable communal spaces.
Welcome Party: First night - Meet the team and the whole group. Learn about the campus.
Movie Night: Watch a movie together and discuss it afterwards.
Quiz Night: Who can get all the answers correct and win the prize for their team?
Team Games in the Grounds: Have fun with outdoor team games – who will be the winner?
Prepare for Awards: Work on your presentation, speech, dance or drama for the final night Awards Ceremony.

Social Activities:

Recreational and Sports Activities

Music and Dance

All our students, boys and girls, enjoy music and dance sessions – some choose to perform music and do their dance sequence at the final evening Awards Ceremony. It’s a good way of getting some exercise too!



Put together a short play or scene with the help of our talented teachers. Learn how to express moods and bring a text to life in a fun, innovative approach that makes the names and storylines memorable! Use words and actions to get your message across!



Walking in the grounds

All our venues have extensive grounds where you can stroll in groups, play ball games or sit out in the early evening to relax after classes.



Movie Nights

After a long day of work and learning this is your opportunity to relax with Movie Night. Top films are on offer and you can unwind before bed.



Ten Pin Bowling

Gather your team tie up your shoes and choose your ball - it's time to go bowling!
With plenty of brightly lit lanes, shoes for hire and a range of balls to suit your bowling style, everything you need to score the perfect strike is right here.


Dragon Boating

It’s a race! Using three10m full-sized dragon boats with up to 20 paddlers in each boat, sitting in a long line and using a paddle with a blade at one end you will race against the other boat(s). The Dragon Boat is helmed (steered) by a qualified member of the Activity Team.
Manoeuvring and racing a dragon boat demands good coordination and communication of a large team – as many as 20 young people or 18 adults learn to paddle rhythmically and effectively together in a race across the water. Ultimate success depends on tactics, technique and brute effort – but in the end there are no losers– just a lot of fun, laughter and mutual support along the way. It’s a race! 



Prepare to get wet! As a group, you will build two rafts by attaching floating barrels to a pre-made frame. Once happy with the raft construction, the rafts are launched into the river and raced in relay to the island and back. The rafts are tethered to the land, and in addition to buoyancy aids all those rafting wear a safety helmet. The activity is fully supervised by a member of the Activity Team who also acts as a lifeguard.


Archery- Try this Olympic sport!

Humans have used archery since the dawn of history, first for hunting, warfare, and in modern times for sport. Stone arrowheads over 50,000 years old have been found in Africa, and archery has been used by nearly every society on the earth. You don’t have to be a weight lifter but you do need upper body strength, balance and co-ordination. Combine this with mental concentration and see your arrows hit the target! Bullseye!


Fencing, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts. Your chance to try another Olympic sport!

Fencing is an exciting combat sport that takes you back to a time before mechanized weapons. The object of fencing is to effectively score a set number of points on your opponent before they score that number on you. Points are scored by getting touches on your opponent’s body. Fencing is a sport that equires stamina and endurance. It can be considered an art form and an ancient symbol of power and glory. How fast are you on your feet? How many points can you score?


BGE Cultural show and Award Ceremonies (Student of the Course Award and Star Awards)

Enjoy our exciting course completion farewell party with the prestigious ‘Awards Ceremony’ which always leaves behind a lot of happy cherishable memories. Students are encouraged and prepared to come forward and present their culture, deliver speeches etc. to our local audience and the chief guest.
These awards are not just about academic excellence. We all recognise that to succeed you have to be a good all-rounder. Good academically but also good socially and with interests in many areas of life. In the modern world you need to be adaptable and able to engage with all cultures and societies, especially to succeed in business.



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